New Music


Her passion for contemporary classical music

Hannah has been a part of numerous world premiers including The Passion of Jesus Christ by René Clausen in April 2017 and the short opera Diary of a Madman by Jun An Chew in early 2019. At the Peabody Institute, she has collaborated with student composers

Diary of a Madman, written by Jun An Chew, premiered April 2019

JoAnn Kulesza, Conductor/ Music Director

Garnett Bruce, Stage Director

Tony Arnold, Producer

Younger Brother: Hannah Alexandra Noyes
Older Brother: Joshua Scheid
Chorus: Hana Abrams, Charlotte Bagwell, Kyle Leigh Carney, Abigail Head, Lacey Hindman, Madeline Huss, Baajah Mohammed, Melanie Rae Piercy

Rehearsal Pianist: Monica Daly

Daniel Kamon, Saxophone
Tyrone Page Jr., Saxophone
Sabrina Johnson, Trumpet
Sherry Du, Piano
Sean McFarland, Electric Guitar
Colin Crandal, Percussion
Yukiko Nakamura, Percussion
Angela Che, Violin
Audrey Maxner, Violin
Anita Chan , Viola
Julia Solomon, Cello